Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's Tesla Two

Oh yes, I have returned... and I have brought the shoes. The cute, pearly, pastel, in all their vixen-like goodness, latest from Tesla Miles of... what else... Tesla. The Vixen 2 was released over the weekend, and for those like me who really loved the Vinyl Vixens, along with all the other goodies TESLA serves up, there is no denying how much I like these.

The range of soft pastel colors and the amazing pearlescent finish are unique and really pretty. There are 10 shades available in all - Slate shown above - an below are; Purple, Alizarin, Asparagus, Azure, TeaRose, Emerald, Fallow, Mauve and Violet.

Get to Tesla to get your Vixens on!

Also wearing; PXL Skin, ETD Hair, Draconic Kiss Dress, Refuge Candy Necklace, and Mahjong Bracelet from Fresh Baked Goods.

All poses by KoumB.

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