Thursday, May 1, 2008

/me drools.

I am speechless, and not just because I have no information about this shoe, other than it is coming very soon from that Siren on Stilettos who knows exactly how to make my feet very happy... and that if Russell Crowe wore women's shoes, he would want these. Stay tuned to On Your Toes for all the details as I get them... and start saving! ;-)

I am wearing; PXL Skin, Jolie Femme Hair, Muism Tank, Armidi Jeans, Kitties Lair Belt & Caroline's Silver Bangle. **shoe image was not photographed by Anessa Stine and is courtesy of an unnamed source 'in the know'.

Pose by KoumB.


olivia connaught said...

i might have just died of shoe love.

Nora Wayne said...

/me speechless, wipes drool off chin

channen said...

Okay. I need these NOW.