Wednesday, January 2, 2008

That Tesla Girl.

Tesla Miles is a girl with a reputation. She is widely recognized as one of the pioneers of using sculpted prims in wearables. It all started with a fantastic line of sculpted hats, but now it is her shoes that we just can't seem to resist. Amazingly enough, as good as she is, she just keeps getting better. And now with her own sim 'Tesla', open and welcoming shoppers and fun seekers alike, we pause to take a look at what's new from this pussycat.

Alright, the Ziggy Boots have been out for a bit now, but I couldn't not blog these fantastic things. They are a true fashion statement all on their own. Retro laced boots with perfect details and texturing, available in amazing color combinations and fabrications. They are pretty special all on their own, so I didn't even bother to pair them with any specific outfit. I gathered a few friends together to help me show these babies off - and they just wouldn't give them back! Grab a pair or pairs for yourself... shoe love at it's finest!

L-R; Tesla 'Ziggy' Boots in Eden, Happy Holidays (Xmas Freebie), Heaven, Enlighten, Morning Glory, Lucky, Blessed & Birth.

I had planned on blogging Tesla's Natasha Stilettos a while back, but holidays being what they are... just didn't happen. Since we are already talking Tesla, please be sure to check out these great looking pumps when you head over there. The 8 colors offered are great, the 'Sesame Black' is likely my most worn shoe. Here I am wearing the 'Sunny Green', a shade so perfect it will brighten up even the greyest of winter days.

Also Wearing; Minnu Skin, RaC Hair, Clothing by Bijou and Paper Couture tinted tights.
All footwear received as a gift.

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