Thursday, January 17, 2008

All Fueled Up!

Those gazillions of Fashion Consolidated notices I get everyday can sometimes make me want to hit that 'leave group' button (let's not even touch the group chat spam situation). But I do read them, most of them, especially anything to do with footwear. Fuel released some pretty neat sculpted boots yesterday, I visited the main store at Envy to take a closer look.

Though creator Sandy Cleghorn offers some other nice looking shoes, boots and accessories - the new Tainted Boots are a unique combination of boot, open-toed shoe and slouchy leg warmer all in one, and they offer some pretty unique features too. Funny how the minute I see leg warmers I always think about Jazzercise, the Jane Fonda Workout & Flashdance... so i dug through my wardrobe and just went with it! Oh yeah.. I am a maniac on the floor.

Let's look a little closer at some of the neat extras included on this boot. Most obviously... the adorable prim toes, yes toes. The folder comes complete with toe shade and nail shade rezzable prims that allow you to customize the shade of the skin and the varnish... possibilities are endless here. The slouched leg warmer comes in a few neat variations for texture; Wooly (with bonus black & gold boots), Spots, Print, Fur, Gold Metallic & Tartan. The upper leg portion is scripted, a simple touch with raise or lower the leg warmers individually - gotta love that! Here I am showing the Special Edition Wooly Set and the Print Set.

Obviously, Lycra is not required to enjoy these boots. Sorry - got to go, I am running late for my 'Cats' audition!

Also wearing; Hair by ETD, Minnu Model Skin, Kitties Lair 'Call On Me' Outfit.

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