Thursday, January 31, 2008

DeLa, Delightful.

A few days ago I noticed a little teaser inside DeLa, the lovely shoe store operated by Kuranosuke Kamachi, about the imminent arrival of some new sculpted heels. Not wanting to miss out on the release, I messaged Kuranosuke and was happy to hear that the wait would not be long. I awoke this morning to find that the Helia Pumps were waiting for me, and they are a really well done sculpted pump.

The Helia Pumps come in 12 nice shades - some jewel brights, a perfect pink, and some great whites. Shown here are; Black, White, Red, Gold, Green, Purple, Blue, Vanilla, Gold Olive, Pink, Magenta & Virgin White.

I like the satiny sheen of these... not quite a patent... someplace in between. The heel has the small black tread built right into the texture which gives the shoe a nice authenticity. The soles are a neutral colour with a tastefully discreet logo in place. Of special note are the 'Virgin White' which feature a pure white sole, a great option for those of you slated to be SL brides in the near future. All in all, these shoes are a delightful option and fit in with all the best of retro or modern fashionista flair. Visit DeLa soon and take a look for yourself.

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, Aden Hair, PixelDolls Dress, Miam Miam Necklace.

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