Sunday, January 20, 2008

Skulls and Bows

My little shoe sleuthing toes have carried me far and wide... across sims whose names I could not pronounce, and to places that I pray I never have to see again. Sometimes the great shoes are just a camera angle away. This morning on one such journey I spotted a poor ruthed girl... the orange hair helmet, the awkward stance... the shoe shape gone, but the shoes... my little heart started palpitating!

We have already covered my affection for detail, sculpties and bows, right? Well here it was an Anessa 'Grand Slam'... amazing sculpted pumps with bows... and skulls. Yah! I am assuming at this point that I am the only girl left in SL that did not know that you could click on a worn object and 'Inspect' it to find out who created it (thank-you Graci!), so I entered into a unique conversation with the wearer, who only spoke Japanese, to try and get the name of the shop where she got them. It took some work, but I eventually got a landmark. Fingers crossed I TP'd, I arrived at the Honmoku Sim and this shop named 69 (Sixty-Nine).

As the rezzing took it's sweet time, I became anxious... I needed these shoes! I was thankfully in the right place, and I grabbed up a pair of the amazing Succubus pumps in basic black. They come in some other great shades; silver, blood, dark cherry, olive, dark olive, snow and leopard for my fellow animal print fans. Here I am wearing the Dark Cherry, Black and Leopard.

I also had the pleasure of speaking with creator Kumii Yoshikawa who gave me a sneak peak at some other great shoes she is about to release, the MargueriteL Ribbons in Cream and Black. From the looks of these sweet Mary Jane pumps and the boots I saw in her shop - and some great accessories too - I can assure you that there is more to enjoy from 69 in the future.


I visited 69 again today to pick-up an additional pair of the Leopard Print Succubus shoes for a friend (the shoes are transfer!!!) and discovered that Kumii Yoshikawa had placed a special limited time only 1L item out alongside the Succubus Pumps! A Leopard Print Hat that is completely addorable! - Go get some shoes, and go get that hat! Yay!

Also wearing; (with Succubus) Minnu Skin, ETD Hair, Clothes by Bare Rose, House of Nyla & Armidi, accessories by Digital knickers. (with MargueriteL Ribbons) Minnu Skin, FD Hair, Clothes by Paper Couture, stocking by Battered Boudoir, accessories by Calla.

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Graciana McMillan said...

Those skulls....MUST HAVE!