Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Essential Sara

I love when content creators name things after people; hair, dresses, shoes and boots too - It can make them easier to remember and to find in you inventory again. Siddean Munro recently released some sassy new boots named Sara, a name I happen to like very much... these new square toed boots from SLink are very likable too! The boots are sculpted with a fairly generous calf piece... meaning I did not have to modify my shape or the boots to wear them... good thing too - with 12 attractive shades, that would be 24 boots to adjust.

The shape is pleasing and the textures are nicely done. I like the contrasting croc textured panels on the foot and the slight highlights at the seams. These are not like anything I have seen in SL before, they have a unique shape and a funky retro feel. I paired my boots with the freebie gold metallic tights from G.L.A.M. and the adorable Metallic Short Suits from Little Rebel - who believe it or not, as a retro lover in SL , I had never heard of until today.

Colours include; Black, Teal, Chocolate, Sky Blue, Dark Purple, Lime, Blue-ish, Mint, Silver, Red, Slate & Magenta. Check out the new boots at SLink - in addition to Sara, Siddean has recently released Eva & Angelina, if you are a boot fan these are definitely worth a closer look.

Review copies requested. Also wearing; RaC Hair, Minnu Skin, Caroline's Bracelets, Suits by Little Rebel, Tights by G.L.A.M.

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