Friday, January 11, 2008

What's Stacking Up at Shiny Things...

Actually, it's a really good thing that Fallingwater Cellardoor doesn't make only a limited number of shoes available to all us shoe addicts, because things would fly out the door and never "stack up" over at Shiny Things if that were the case.

As it is, we all can rest assured that there will be enough lovelies to go around! Case in point would be the newest pump from Shiny Things, the Classic Stacks.

The texture on these pumps is gorgeous and they are a perfect choice when you are looking for something simple, eloquent, but want to add a splash of shiny and color. Available in 9 different colors (red shown in large photo and I somehow missed the navy in my mash). These pumps will only set you back $L300 and would be a perfect shoe to compliment much of your existing wardrobe!

Visit Shiny Things In world and Online

*Other Items:
Top from *Icing*, Pants from G.L.A.M.,Tights from TaP, and socks from Shiny Things


stella_semaphore said...

Gorgeous shoes! I love how you put that outfit together, btw :)

Stella S

Anessa Stine said...

They are really nice... /me runs right over to get some.

Graciana McMillan said...

Aww ty Stella!

Get them while they are hot nessa!