Saturday, January 26, 2008


I just wanted to welcome the readers of Fashion Feed of SL who may be reading On Your Toes for the first time! If you are a shoe lover, this is the blog for you! Browse through some of our recent posts for great reviews and finds from Maitreya, 69, Fuel, ZHAO, Tesla among others - and Men's shoes too!

Do not miss your chance to win a shoe shopping spree in our first reader photo contest! We are looking for photos of YOUR avatar all decked out where the shoes make the outfit! Up for grabs is a $2000L shopping trip to the shoe store of your choice! Read more about the contest in Graci's post here.

In the meantime, as I am known to do... I decided to have a little fun. It seems I have been collecting some really super photos lately, some cautionary tales - and just plain shoe giggles... you might want to use these as a sort of a 'What not to Wear' if you are planning on entering the contest.

Let's do a quick run down of these personal favorite moments, I call them "Great Moments in Shoe-Ness";

1. Mismatched.
2. Sim-Crasher Boots. (Please do not wear these to fashion shows)
3. System Shoes.
4. The Faux Name Brand Runners.
5. Invisi-Boots.
6. Missing/Wrong Shoe Bases.
7. More System Shoes.
8. Large Men's Shoes on Small Girls.
9. Large Women's Shoes on Women.
10. Shoes that might actually make avatar feet hurt!
11. The Double Whammy- Bling & Butterflies.
12. Errol Flynn Boots.
13. Demo Shape, I hope.
14. The Pant/Boot Issue.
15. That shift thing that happens when you take pictures sometimes.

That's it for now... Stay on Your Toes!

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Harper Ganesvoort said...

Probably my favorite moment in Bad Shoes ("Bad shoes! Bad, bad shoes!") would be a picture of a pair of boots -- toe boots, such as you wouldn't believe, and which couldn't possibly be walked in in Real Life. The wearer's feet were almost vertical in these.

The worse thing: some inner avatar kept whispering to me, "Find out where these are sold at...!"