Thursday, January 31, 2008

LOVE and LUST: Stiletto Moody Spring Preview

The past 24 hours have been pretty spectacular in the life of this shoe blogger. Last night I had the privilege of meeting the head siren on Stilettos, Stiletto Moody, and her boutique manager Dancer Dallagio. I was escorted into the inner chambers of the Stiletto Moody headquarters and given a look at the very top secret and utterly fantastic Spring Preview, a collection of 4 new styles that will satiate those among us who have just been salivating for something new from Moody... some of us more patiently than others.

Instead of my usual creative shot and straight shoe pics - time being of the essence here - I have decided to tease you with some sexy photos of these mini masterpeices of footwear, in hopes that you will run, not walk, to Stiletto Moody to take a closer look for yourselves before scooping them up as soon as they hit the shelves tomorrow at 4 PM game time!

Top to bottom are; O Wedge (Black), Foxy Wedge (Pink), O Wedge Tie (Silver), Elegant Slingback (Rose Gold).

The O Wedges are absolute pieces of art, amazing crossover footwear that appeals to both a fetish driven buyer and those of us who see them as sculptural masterpieces we can wear. Moody herself is referring to them as "fashion-meets-fetish", and I couldn't agree more... even though my fetish is for fashion! The sleeker heel cup version(shown in all black) is my personal favorite, while the option with the heel ties allows for custom fitting, versatility and added bling factor.

The Foxy Wedges (shown in pink) pack a whole bunch of goodness into one shoe... the familiar Louboutin-esque uppers mated with a knock out wedge in 9 color combinations - these are spectacular!

And then there is the sweet darling of the Spring Preview, the Elegant Slingback. The keen eyed among you might remember seeing a sneak peak way back when the store first opened, you will be happy to know it's back, better than ever, and in 3 colors - including the Rose Gold shown here, which I adore.

It seems so fitting with Valentine's Day just around the corner that Stiletto Moody has given us more to love... err, lust after. Stiletto is also giving us a celebratory 3-day end of season sale and offering a 40% discount on previous season stock to members of the “Stiletto Moody Shoes” group, join up if you haven't yet and wear your tag while shopping. Sale will run from 4 PM on February 1st, until 4 PM February 4th. Oh! and guys, if you are looking for the perfect gift for your ladies this Valentine's Day remember that Stiletto Moody has easy to use gift vendors in store.

Phew! Could anyone else use a cold shower? ;-)
also wearing; Minnu Skin, Hair by Cake... and nothing.

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