Friday, January 25, 2008

A Maid well Matched

I ran into my friends Lyanis Sin of Sin Shoes, and Eloria LeShelle of Battered Boudoir and found them wearing these completely sweet sexy Maid outfits, complete with fuzzy toed slides. I was elated to find they had collaborated on this sassy little get-up... and immediately decided to share the fun with the readers of On Your Toes.

Admittedly this is an early offering from Sin, new to the sculpty universe, but the frothy fluff on the toes, the attractive shape and appealing price, the Marilyn shoes are a fun addition to your sexy shoe collection. The colours are perfectly matched with the Boudoir Maid sets from Battered Boudoir and really - every girl in SL should have sexy bedroom slip-ons and a Maid's costume in their wardrobe! Lucky me, I now have 4 flavors to choose from; Black, Pink, Red and Blue.

Oh, and by the way - I don't do windows!

Also wearing; Hair by ETD, Minnu Model Skin.

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