Thursday, January 31, 2008

Riding on Nessa's boot straps...

Sooo do you want the good news or do you want the bad news?

I love positive people lke you! The good news is that after reading Anessa's entry about Siddean Munro's boots I ran over to SLink and picked up the Sara AND the Angelina boots! These are to die for...which leads me to the bad news...seems somehow Joel was able to give me his sickness from 2500+ miles away!!! But don't you fret, I was lucking enough to get in a really great shopping spree before the fever set in...and honestly, I don't think much of anything could keep me from shopping!

So back to these gorgeous boots...the smooth foot and calf textures mix nicely with a solid heel that sports a small metal cap. A very nice detail. Shown here in the black and bronze and available in more choices these are a boot to consider.

Other Items:
Aden Hair, Celestial Studio Skin, G.L.A.M. Denim Jumper Set. Boot's purchased by Graci at SLink

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