Tuesday, January 8, 2008

On the Cutting Edge with ZHAO

When Melanie Zhao of ZHAO Shoes first handed me her latest boot creations I know I felt a distinct sense of excitement. I was aware that she had been working on some new heel shapes... something truly different that would change our perception of her as someone who just makes pretty pumps and heeled sandals. Something with edge... for the fetish crowd perhaps, but also appealing to that hint of naughty in all of us - and who hasn't needed something like this in their wardrobe at one time or another?

For the SUSHEE Boots (Featured on the Green Background) the delicious richly textured leather straps wrap the leg from knee to mid-foot, buckles in multiple styles and sizes, that amazing Zhao footshape... and then the kicker (no pun intended)... a blade-like heel that looks like a hybrid ice skate. They are sexy and dangerous, and really unique. I doubt I could walk three steps in these in RL - but here in SL, well, isn't that what makes SL so great? the ability to create the implausible, to really push the boundaries of fashion with the tools available to us. I admire that Melanie has done that here, and with great results.

For the slightly more traditional looking ASTA Boots (Featured on the Red Background), that same leather strapping and buckles... but throw in some more metal details - namely metal chains and rings - and a stainless steel stiletto heel... these things are edgy, and incredibly sexy. Wearing either of these boots will have you looking strong yet feminine, I had so much fun putting these looks together - and i truly felt empowered in them. There are still some great things happening with traditional prim boots in SL and ZHAO has proven that here.

Also wearing; with SUSHEE - TaP Skin, Maitreya Hair, Clothing from Bare Rose. with ASTA - Tap Skin, Maitreya Hair, Clothing by PixelDolls & Savvy?

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