Wednesday, January 30, 2008

For the Boys... and Girls.

Ever since my co-blogger Joel has been under the weather, On Your Toes has been keenly lacking a dose of testosterone. In an attempt to remedy this situation, when I caught sight of this piece about SOREAL on the Vain Inc. blog - I decided to gather up the troops and make a day of it. Lucky for me I have an address book just overflowing with the hottest male models in SL! I was lucky to catch Jonny Tobias and Steve Hansen online, and they generously agreed to follow me and Graci on a window shopping trip around 'Fashion Mode' legend Ashlin Leandros' new San Leandros sim, scheduled to open in all it's shopping glory this coming Saturday.

creator Kwamey Pinion (pictured below) has really done wonders here, both the sculpty work and the texturing are incredible... the City Steps Sneakers look so real I was tempted to peel open the Velcro closures (yes Joel, Velcro!) just to hear that familiar sound. If you have read this blog before you might recall I rarely go anyplace without a pair of stilettos on. But these feel good... so good. They look perfectly at home on male and female feet and come in fantastic color combinations and fabrications, available singly, in multi-packs or the ultimate - a colorchange HUD option that lets you have all 13 looks in your footwear arsenal.

SOREAL is still in it's early stages, only a few items up for grabs at the moment (including the black and blue jacket Steve is wearing) but make note of the name - I expect some great things yet to come.

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Graciana McMillan said...

You know we should of gotten Joel to wear velcro when he had the 104 fever for 4+ days his delirium he might of agreed!