Sunday, January 4, 2009

Einar fur boots

I'm channelling my inner Raquel Welch in this post for you. There are times, in this SL that we all enjoy where one of the greatest joys is being able to dress up. I don't mean putting on that gorgeous formal, although wonderful in it's own right, I mean the times where we get to put on a costume to fulfill that fantasy or whimsy. So if you feel like me ever, and want to really "get back to basics" as in prehistoric basics, I've got some fur for your feet. Morgaine Price sent me over her Einar fur boots. While not something I'd wear every day, these are fun pieces for your wardrobe. You never know when you might want to get all cave man (yes, they come in male versions too). What's even cooler is that these boots texture change into different shades and even have a blood spotted option (you know, for after you go on a dino hunt). Check out Mer-Elf Creations InWorld.
Other stuff: Bikini from Shai, Skin from Belleza, Hair from Abyss.

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