Thursday, January 8, 2009

StyleCard: TOSL Sweater Wellies

And the cute just keeps on coming! Color me happy when the super sweet Quinlan Quimby sent me her latest creation, the Sweater Wellies. TOSL, or Tree & Ocean SL™, has long been a favorite of mine for its creatively textured and uniquely shaped footwear, these Sweater Wellies come in two lengths and 8 colors, all of them completely fabulous! Cosy and cute is the vibe of these laid back boots, and the adorable pom pom tassel doesn't hurt either. I am wearing the Pewter, also available are Snow, Charcoal, Candy Floss, Sage, Dusk, Wintermint, and Butterscotch (not shown).

The rest of this look is made up of comfortable favorites like the cropped cardigan from DETOUR, a camisole from LAST CALL, favorite denims from MUISM, and accessories from Miam Miam. Hair is ETD cuteness, skin is from Redgrave.

Visit the TOSL Shop for these sweet Sweater Wellies!


Ana Lutetia said...


Heidi Volare said...

Well I looked all over TOSL and can't find these cuties. Any hints? Thanks.


Graciana McMillan said... I just need to be able to log in to grab those!!