Thursday, January 15, 2009

StyleCard: Callie Cline Kick Shickers

Gotta love that Callie Cline, she is possibly the bubbliest fashionista going, and certainly one of the most generous. She continues to create her own style of fun wearables with a ferocious color palate and dash of fun in everything she does. When she excitedly showed me her new boots while they were still a work in progress I was thrilled with her ideas, and before I even had a chance to do a post on them, I see she has already been working to expand the boot release to include some skins and patterns, so please be sure and visit her headquarters to have a look at the latest. The version I am wearing are the original Kick Shickers in Black Suede (these with Gold trim), are a generous cowboy boot with coloured accents and a ring of gemstones around the ankle. Each one is touch scripted to change the colour of the stones for endless combinations.

I kicked up the rest of the outfit with a real mash-up of casuals in a similar color palate. The jeans are the 'Sexy Ass' Jeans from Drawmachine, the tank top and jacket are from the Bijou 'Born Free' set, Bijou is one of my all time favorites for mix and match. The Fuka hat/hair from Mirai is one that I love more each time I wear it, and the bunches of bangles are courtesy of M.R.M. and the opening freebie from Giusia.

Visit Miss Callie for these fun and fabulous boots.

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