Monday, January 26, 2009

StyleCard: Shiny Things Ving Boots

My morning routine usually consists of cruising the feeds for the latest releases. This morning I saw this cute as pie dress Jazmin from Bare Rose and just had to grab it as soon as I logged. A short while later I received the latest release from Fallingwater Cellardoor, the Ving Boots, and decided to make an outfit using these 2 new items.

The Ving Boots come in 5 shades; Black, Warm Brown, Ash Brown, Oxblood & Grey. This boot features that amazing Shiny Things worn leather that makes then a favorite to the fashionably casual and the role play crowd alike. They are a mid calf height boot with an ample rounded toe box and a chunky boot heel. The upper features a series of straps and buckles and contrasting patches of faux reptile skin for even more character. The laces are scripted and the boot set comes complete with a HUD that enables you to custom tint the laces to match anything you like. The boot release also features 3 different sizes in the pack, and versions to suit the previous viewer release (1.20) and the current (1.21) which allows mirroring the sculpts, smart.

Besides the ample dose of cute provided by that sweet Bare Rose frock (the set includes Black, Blue, Brown, Pink & Purple... the Brown is worn here.), this look is complemented perfectly with this great necklace and earring set from Luc called The Awakening. The ocre colored woolen tights from Persona, and the Polly hair from TRUTH. Skin, as per usual, hails from REDGRAVE.

Ving Boots are available at Shiny Things.


Ms. Petlyakov said...

Ahmahgaz, I usually never respond to blogs...let alone read them, but I'm going to buy this outfit the minute I get home. Win win win win win win win win win win <3

Graciana McMillan said...

What a great outfit!!!!!! Love it!!