Friday, January 23, 2009

Hello Ingrid!

Love 'em or hate 'em, the prim foot revolution continues! The latest release in the Stiletto Moody BARE © collection is Miss Ingrid. Ingrid is not a timid girl, she is a sexy as all heck platform with a sweetly beveled shape and a band of contrasting metal accent through the middle. Ample and detailed leather straps, metal rivets and of coarse that sexy sculpted foot make these irresistible to high heel lovers, and reminiscent of late 50's Hollywood styling.

The Ingrid is available in 8 colors, with 2 new shades making their debut in the Stiletto Moody BARE © collection, White Leather and Sand Leather. The full color set is fantastic if it's in your budget, but there is plenty to celebrate even if you can simply settle for one shade. You do get the option to change metals from Silver to Gold, and add or remove Toe Rings on each foot, a multitude of nail polish options, and a few other goodies that are more suited to enhance photography.

The most talked about aspect of the BARE shoes to date seems to be a tie between skin matching and the join point to the avatar body. The shoe comes with some pre-set shades that may match or closely resemble your skin tone, in my case I selected one and then headed over to the 'control freak' menu where I added and subtracted in increments of RGB to get my perfect match, it took maybe 8 minutes to do this to my satisfaction. Alternatively you can enter color shade data numerically, personally I never went this route but potentially if you find your 'magic formula' you could simply enter it on all of your pairs of BARE shoes, a time saver really.

As for the 'join' issue, I am a very satisfied customer in that respect. Anyone who wants to get picky will happily complain about glitches with invisi prims and issues that arise when the avatar ankle is flexed. One needs to remember that these are prims, and as with any prims, unless you have a mathematically exact fit on a non moving connection you will be able to see where the prims join. The same is true of any sandal or boot I have reviewed previously that features a 2nd attachment on the lower leg, an avatar moves and joints shift. Unless you plan on walking around with your camera locked on your big toe, any of the unique issues presented by the foot in shoe are imperceptible.

Finally, I would like to clarify for the curious, I do not in any way retouch aspects of the footwear in my blog photos, edits to my avatar to clean up SL anomalies and make me all purdy is typical, but shoes are as they appeared in SL, no tricks. You can click on the images to see them larger sized if you wish. Thanks for reading! :)

Visit Stiletto Moody to see the entire BARE © Collection.

The Stuff; Redgrave Skin, TRUTH Hair, Dress by JE Republic, Armidi Necklace, Earrings by Kraftika. Photos taken at Las Islas, Las Lagunas.


Zelly Mornington said...

Gawd I love these shoes! I just bought the Color Set yesterday and won't be taking these off for awhile. :D

Lourdes Denimore said...

Ok you sold me. I'm gonna take the plundge.

Sugarr said...

Bought them!, love them! Wearing them! Now I need to go get that dress, it's fabulous and you look great :)

Tymmerie Thorne said...

How are you all getting rid of the wrinkled ankle and seam line?