Thursday, January 22, 2009

Klondyke Trio

I got an offline just yesterday from a reader who was looking for a fur boot that wasn't a platform 'stripper heel', just a nice moccasin footed boot with a furry upper. Just moments after reading that message I dropped into Kitties Lair to see what was new, and saw these Klondyke Boots. Available in Black, Pink and White, the boots have the lovely comfy flat foot with stitched texturing, an ample amount of 'fur' and a nicely detailed topper that features a pair of fur poms attached to a string. This frisky little boot reminds me of winter getaways and ski lodges, they have an adorably casual vibe.

Worn with the boots are the COCO Black Knit Stole, Muism Jeans (naturally), A white tank from LaLa FooFoo, and this adorable knit shrug about to be released by Glam Couture. Special mention for the furry ear muffs from BOOM that seem to be the perfect touch! Just a feel good look to go with these super sweet boots.

Visit Kitties Lair in it's new location.

The Stuff; Redgrave Skin, TRUTH Hair, Jeans from Muism, Tank Top by LaLa FooFoo, Shrug from Glam Couture, Knit Stole (Scarf) from COCO, Earmuffs by BOOM.

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