Friday, May 16, 2008

Color Therapy

Sometimes it is necessary to inject some color into your day. Days like that call for fun shoes that are whimsical and come in punched up bright shades. Erpla Prieto of Periquita Shoes does that better than anyone, and it is a no-brainer to reach for some of her fun footwear whenever that need arises. Her latest release, the Mary Squares, are a sweet chunky MaryJane with an adorable upturned toe and button detail on the strap.

I am wearing the oh-so-happy Magenta. Also shown are; Mint, Purple and Yellow... but there are 9 equally fantastic colors in all. Check them out at Periquita Shoes.

I am also wearing PXL Skin, ETD Hair, Dress & Stockings from OAHARU, Necklace and Earrings by Atelier AM, Bracelets by FBG (Fresh Baked Goods).

All poses by KoumB.

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