Saturday, May 31, 2008

Claudia & Roxy

Siddean Munro's footwear line took a nice leap forward this past week with the release of two new styles, the Claudia Ballet Flats and the Roxy Mules. SLink is busily establishing itself as a place where you can find not only shoes, but clothing and skins as well - all seemingly executed with great care and attention to detail.

The Claudia Ballet Flats are a nicely pointed variation of this ever popular inventory item, a healthy sized sculpted bow adorns the toe... and we all know how I feel about my bows! There are a wide range of colour options and combinations available, here are just a sampling of some of my favorites.

These Roxy Mules are a fun style, and I really love what Siddean has done here - allowing for a nice assortment of animal print, textile and solid options. They have a nice height and attractive shape, also, some great texturing to achieve a wrinkled look on the upper. Shown below are only a few of the designs available. Another winner in my book.

Be sure and add SLink to your weekend shopping trip.

Also wearing; with Claudia - Minnu Skin, Dernier Cri Hair, Artilleri Dress, Usagui Hair Flower, DECO Jewelry Necklace, Fresh Baked Goods & Calla Bracelets. with Roxy - PXL Skin, Dernier Cri Hair & Complete Outfit, DECO Jewelry Necklace. Flowers by Mej & Mau's.


Lauren said...

ok this isnt related to these shoes but i just saw the sex and the city movie and someone in sl needs to make the dior extreme shoes featured heavily on carrie in the movie
(see picture)
do you have any connections??
thats just the sandle, profile view
looks better actually ON carrie:

Lauren said...

damn it it doesnt show the entire link
search dior extreme in google they are black cut out sandles with a diamondy shape on the front
but im sure any good shoe gal will see this movie

Siddean said...

Ohmigosh those are GREAT Lauren! I see what you mean. *scurries off to Zbrush*