Monday, August 11, 2008

A Closer Look at Giusia

Like pretty much every other blogger and fashionista on the grid, I made my way over to Giusia, the hot new store that opened on Friday. It has some stylish Men's and Women's clothing, accessories, skins and yes... shoes. I was truly excited about the store and it's contents, and eager to present more than just the shoes today, thanks for humoring me... but just look at these yummy skins and outfits... so impressed.

There are currently 2 styles of shoe available; the Ginevra and the Sculpted Stiletto. The Ginevra is a sexy little slingback with a lovely shape and some great texturing work. I was pleased with the overall look of the shoe and the dozens of colour options, some minor sculpted glitches in my viewer, but i would more than likely attribute that to rezzing issues as the shoes look great in the photos. The Sculpted Stiletto is a great basic pump, high shine and contrast heel, or monochromatic in some shades. Nicely done for first releases from Giusia. See below photos for shopping details. (click on image to enlarge).

I am wearing the Ginevra in Crocodile, the Alessa 02 Outfit, and the free gift skin called 'Natural'. Also wearing; Cake Hair & Earthtones Accessories.

Wearing the Blue/Black Sculpted Stiletto, the Sammy Dress (with stockings) & Giusia Light Skin 07. I am also wearing; Cake Hair, Encore Necklace (tinted), Giusia Free Gift Bangles.

I am wearing the Ginevra shoes in Fuchsia, 'Liz' Pants and Alina Azure Top. I am also wearing; Cake Hair, Caroline's Necklace, Argyle Bracelet Stack, Skin is Natural 16.

Visit the NEW Giusia soon.

**Disclaimer: It has been brought to my attention that some if not all of the footwear reviewed in this post may be attributed to a 'Business in a Box', and while that does not automatically mean that the sculpts or textures are ill gotten, it does mean that the footwear may not be unique to Giusia and therefore makes my recommendation of the items feel less appropriate. I am choosing not to remove the post at this time, as I have not had direct contact with Giusia on this matter. I will however say, as has always been my position, I do the best I can based on the knowledge I have - when I know better I do better. I think these are words I can live by, and firmly state - 'On Your Toes' and the opinions expressed on this blog, as well and the products endorsed, are done so solely at the discretion of the individual authors and we in no way support content theft or profit personally from the reviews we offer. Thank-you**

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