Thursday, August 14, 2008

Of the Earth

I swear that on occasion my inventory eats my shoes, and every now and then if I am very lucky they seem to turn up again. I had almost forgotten about these completely, and then just the other day... poof. Timing was perfect however, and I took these rather detailed EarthBound Sandals from EarthStones for a nice little stroll around Emvee Cuba. Abraxxa Anatine is best known for her earthy accessories, often adorned with semiprecious stones and other natural elements, so it is no surprise to me that these shoes have an almost jewelry-like feel to them. Excellent tiny prim work on an attractive flat sandal, and a nice assortment of leather and 'stone' options make these especially nice.

Visit EarthStones and check out all the goodies soon!

Also wearing; GIUSIA Skin, Zero Style Hair, Apple May Designs Outfit, Juju's Closet Polo, M.R.M. Accessories.

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