Saturday, August 9, 2008

Jet Set: Sexy Shoes & Lingerie from Stiletto Moody

They have always gone together, like Sonny and Cher, Peanut butter and Jelly, Beenie and Cecil... but I digress. It's beautiful shoes and scalding hot lingerie that seem to find each other in the sexiest of pairings, and it is no accident that Stiletto Moody has released a line of stunningly sheer and daringly bare lingerie to accompany the hot hot sexiness of her footwear line. Seems like a natural combination to me.

Unless you have been hiding in a blog free zone lately you will have no doubt heard the wonderful news about the SMG2 launch and sale of previous styles that should still be going on for another day or so. It's been a crazy frenetic little beehive of activity over there on the Stiletto Moody Sim and shoppers have been waiting through delays and occasional technical issues to get their hands on the new line, and anything else that might be missing from their collections. Pure shoe bliss for many when they laid their eyes on these.

Stiletto Moody, Generation 2 - Tall Boots (Shown in Black Croc with Silver Accessories), the Tall Boots also come in Patent and a special Patent Croc version. THE Boot to have.

Stiletto Moody, Generation 2 - d'Orsay Shoes (Shown in the new Stiletto Moody Signature color, Bad Seed Red (Patent) with Silver Accessories). Undeniably pointy toed, with optional ankle attachment straps. My must have for fall.

Stiletto Moody, Generation 2 - PinUps Shoes (Shown here in Aqua Patent with Silver Accessories). These are perfectly cute, and come with optional chain. Amazing selection of colours... like candy I tell ya!

Naturally the new releases are spectacular, I wouldn't expect anything less from SM, but clearly we have a achieved a whole new type of realism here... I apologize for not giving you tons of delicious close-ups, but I wanted to tease with a glimpse of the new lingerie too. And the showroom is only a TP away, I encourage you all to go take a nice close look for yourselves, these things are really breathtaking.

The really important stuff is this portion of the official press release;

"Stiletto Moody Generation 2 (SMG2) is not just a new season, it's an evolution. Welcome to the next generation of Stiletto Moody design, with added features, & refined techniques. It’s about fashion – a hot new range of towering heels, in amazing new colors and textures our Pre-Fall ’08 line. It’s about accessories– add them or remove them to your shoes. It’s about features and color changers. A shoe maniac all the way I try to capture the very zeitgeist of the moment in this Pre-Fall 08 range."

I am wearing lingerie that is all part of the Lucky Lingerie collection, it is amazingly sexy and scant... every girl needs a bit of that to go with these new shoes! Visit soon!

I am aslo wearing; PXL Skin, Laqroki (RaC) Hair, Accessories by +Plus, Encore and JCNY. Suitcase by Argyle. Shot on location at the Costa Rica Sims International Airport.

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