Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm a Rfyre Knight!! Woot!

OK, so as you can see by the title of this blog I was recently inducted by Raven and the Rfyre team to be a Knight of Rfyre. As such, I have an exciting new position working with them on events and things, and this post is to let you all know of the hunt that is going on at the rfyre sim this weekend where there are many giftboxs scattered around the sim that you can find to create the Mastrius outfit for men and the Twisted Swiss outfit for women. There are also items from the other vendors in the Rfyre sim such as Zhao shoes available to be found too.
Also I wanted to show you the outfits that are to be released today from Rfyre's Elven series of costumes, and this one is affectionately known as Drost, and I am displaying it in Crimson, black, Earth and Hunter's green.
To take these pics, i knew I had to go out on location, and where better than Straylight? I almost felt like a extra from LOTR, just like a few years ago when I worked with a guy in RL who was the spitting image of Frodo everyday and he garnered that as a nickname when everyone saw the movies. Those were the days.....
To complete the lookI used the Quixote boots from Jeepers Creepers, as I realised I hadn't blogged these boots on here before and I have quite the affinity for them, as they are rugged looking boots perfect for tramping around the lush forests of Straylight or the harsh cityscapes of Midian.
SO I would like to thank Raven, Harper and the team for trusting me in this new position, and Eponymous from JCS for his encouraging feedback on my posts here on 'On your toes'. I can't wait to see what each of these designers have in store for the future, and you all should go hunt and shop at Rfyre this weekend as we know there isn't many things that are better than free clothes!!

House of Rfyre Mainstore (and location of hunt)

Jeepers Creepers shoes Mainstore

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