Monday, August 25, 2008

Havana sandals from JCS

Eponymous Trenchmouth dropped me these new sandals from JCS the other day and due to being a little busy with things on the weekend I kinda forgot I had them in inventory until now. But I tried them on and these leather sandals certainly caught my attention, yet I just needed a place to shoot them!
So a quick tp to the Las Arenas Rosadas sim and I was good to go, and I knew that these sandals would be the perfect fit for the endless sunshine provided in SL, and it provided a good opportunity to let my mostly ensconced toes feel the cool breeze upon them. Heck, its Winter in Australia in RL at present, but why else would I come on SL other than to escape my climate?
As you can see in the pictures these sandals combine Eppy's superb craftsmenship and texturing once again, and the stiching looks so damn realistic you too will be wondering if you have teleported to a deserted island in RL as they are that damn good!
These sandals only have the one size in the folder, so at first you may be asking what happened to the other sizes? Well these sandals are scripted with sizes from XS to XXL large so all avs are catered to!! However I just went with the medium and a foot size of 35 and they fit perfectly, so I would recommend this for most avatars and considering they default to this size, you probably won't have to change them, however having the option to if need be isn't a bad thing.

So if you are looking for some sandals to wind down Summer in the Northern Hemisphere or the impending warm weather of us in the Southern one, tp to Jeepers Creepers new mainstore today!!

Jeepers Creepers Havana sandals featured in Dark brown, khaki and black available at:

Jeepers Creepers mainstore

Swim trunks are Kenue by Designing Nicky Ree

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