Monday, August 4, 2008

Hot Find: Action

Let's face it, it is virtually impossible for us at 'On Your Toes' to review every new release and track down every amazing footwear find on the grid. Sometimes we need to rely on you, our readers, to gently shove us in the right direction when you see something that we might have missed. I sure missed these, but thanks to Dove Swanson's keen eye, I am able to show off these cuties.

Long before I blogged or modeled, I was just a Rockabilly Princess, managing both Pin Ups Nightclub & The Retrology Sim, and yesterday as I was getting ready to party it up at Retrology's First Anniversary, Dove sent me in search of these. Can you say perfect timing!

I love the Retro feel of these, the heavier looking sling, soles and buckles, the assortment of graphic patterns and colors that pop. Can't say enough about them.. they are fun and they were just what I needed. I had never heard of MarilynMonroe Munro's Action before, and I really enjoyed not only the shoes but some great men's and women's fashions and hair... and then there is a heavy surf/skate component that is going to require a second visit to fully check out.

Be sure and stop on over to Action, and keep those great tips coming!

I am aslo wearing; PXL Crys Skin, Shop Seu Hair, Artilleri Tattoos, Top & Jeans, Fleur Belt, Necklace by Ume Mode, Bracelets by Carolines, Bangle by Fresh Baked Goods. **second image is a direct screen caprure of in-store display at Action.

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Brandy Rasmuson said...

Those shoes made me do an "inspect" yesterday when I saw you at Retrology. I had to go hunt them down. They're fantastic. *grins*