Thursday, August 14, 2008

My account has been suspended...

As you can see from the pic I can't get into my account as Jonny which is really, really irritating me. However I have heard of this happening to someone I know on SL before, so I contacted her via msn and found her account (and 2 others that she knows of) have had the exact same thing happen in the past 24 hours.

Could you be next?

So now I have to wait until 9am SLT (my midnight) and make another (3rd call I will have made) international call to LL to find out why this happened as there was no warning, just working on some RK stuff with Anessa last night then try to get on this morning to answer offlines before work and found I couldn't get in to my account. There was no griefing or anything prior to this either. Also the friend has a premium account and owns sims so it isn't as though it is just because I am a free account. And I was waiting for fund to clear in my paypal so I could buy some lindens (finally as RL has allowed me to) but I guess why would anyone bother when they can just take your account at anytime without warning?


mistyforeverlost said...

for the past few days there has been an 'avi' stuck in nowhere land on a sim border. We can't find him, but he shows up on HUD. He has not moved. This happened once before in another region where the avi itself was locked into flying motion even though the person was not on line.

could it be possible that your avi "ghosted" and is still showing you on line to LL main base by some glitch as it is/was with the two I mentioned above?

I'm not really sure how you would go about finding out though.

Shattered said...

Ghosting wouldn't cause LL to disable your account, though - you would just continue to register as online on the grid, preventing your logging in. You would still be able to access your account via the website.

Hopefully this gets solved for you soon, Jonny.

Jonny Tobias said...

Ahh I got it back after my 4th call to LL and they got it rectified quickly which is great but yeah it was something to do with my ex having accessed my account or something.