Wednesday, September 3, 2008

StyleCard: Aoharu

Well it was about time we saw some shoes from Machang Pichot at Aoharu, she does just about everything else after all... Skins, Hair, Clothes, Accessories... and yes now Shoes. She isn't messing around either, she has launched her footwear line called Aoharu Walk with a wopping eight styles, each with the same luscious and bright color palate we have seen in her clothing line.

I am such a sucker for bows (ask anyone), so my choice... and yes I limited it to just one for now, was the Back Ribbon Short Boot in a hot pink shade. Its a unique style with a sweetly shiny finish and those great sculpted bows around the ankle. I just had to match it up with a favorite dress from Aoharu, the pink sequined trim making the bootie shade pop. Love these!

My hair from Exile (found at Hair Fair) with it's Orchid accessory added some elegance to the up-do, and the bracelet from Fresh Baked Goods doesn't seem to ever want to leave my wrist. I went for a darker skin with this sexy Linda in Fashion Tan from PXL, just love the pink lips. Yummy.

Take a walk over to Aoharu Walk and check out the treats for your feet soon! More great looks from Aoharu to come... so keep reading!

The stuff; PXL Skin, Exile Hair, Aoharu Dress & Footwear, Fresh Baked Goods Bangle.

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