Wednesday, September 17, 2008

StyleCard: Rebel Hope

It's a name that I have known since my earliest days in Second Life, Rebel Hope and her fantastic ballgowns, costumes, tuxedos and bridal gowns. So beautifully rendered and well made that they earned a reputation as being the height of elegance on that special day for a bride-to-be. Rebel, like many talented designers, has branched out to offer her clients lovely accessories and footwear to go along with her creations. It was when I saw she had released some new adorned pumps that I decided to take a closer look at the footwear and Rebel surprised me with a most incredible gown to wear with the very special shoes, and with my own special day coming in the not too distant future it certainly got me thinking of just how important a gown and shoes can be when making a bride feel like a real princess.

The shoes, named Samantha Bridal Sculpted Pumps, are almost too pretty to hide under a delicious gown like the Tabitha Cathedral Bridal Gown from Rebel Hope Designs, but Rebel was sure to offer the Samanthas in additional colors to allow them to be worn with all sorts of fancier fare or costumes. The elegantly embellished pumps boast a sleek classic shape, a satiny finish, and a delightful wisp of feathers and metallic curlicues on the toe (the black with red feathers is especially stunning and would be great for a darker bride or costume, you can see them here).

Though I have zero experience in the area of bridal gowns, I was blown away by the completeness of the Tabitha set. It contains pretty much everything a girl could want for her special day; an exquisite gown with full cathedral train and layers of mesh, sweet sculpted sleevelets, long elegant gloves, stockings, 2 veil options, lace panties, beautiful pearl accessories, and matching basic shoes. Just get the something old and the something blue, and hopefully that very special gentleman and you are all set to take the plunge.

One final accessory is all I needed to make this look very special, my engagement ring, a lovely 4.00 Carat Serenity Princess Cut ring from Kingsgate courtesy of one exceedingly special man.

Look for the Samantha Pumps and so much more at Rebel Hope Designs.

The stuff; Redgrave Skin, ::69:: Hair (Lucky Chair with bow and butterflies removed), Rebel Hope Designs Gown Set & Footwear, Ring by Kingsgate Diamonds.

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