Saturday, September 6, 2008

StyleCard_EarthStones & Analise

Some things are just too pretty not to share, even when they fall outside of my normal style, and sometimes I discover that there are ways to incorporate the unexpected into my wardrobe and broaden my horizons, just a bit. Okay enough of the fancy babble, let's get to the footwear, err, foot jewelry I should say... the Beautiful Slave Footlets by EarthStones. Abraxxa Anatine dropped these on me ages ago, and I just wasn't quite sure what to make of them... but I was impressed with the tiny detail and dainty chains that held the footlets together. (click above image to enlarge)

One could easily assume that these are best suited for the GOR crowd, or the fantasy RP folks over at 1001 Nights (if you haven't been, go)... but these do go beyond, and as an alternative to going barefoot with our oh so sexy looking avatar feet at that next beach party why not throw on a pair of these. They come in a wide range of semi-Precious stones, shown here are Labradorite.

I went over to Analise in search of some modest silks to wear with them, and wouldn't you know it my letter came up on the Lucky Chair, well actually the wildcard '?' came up, we all know the letter 'A' is cursed by Lucky Chairs. These are the September chair item, and I just love the colors and the pairs of matching Bangles. I had to wear these amazing earrings, also by EarthStones, Bali Hoop Earrings in Baltic Amber, amazing color. Overall it is a fun and exotic look.

Visit EarthStones for a closer look at the Footlets.

The Stuff; PXL Skin, Laqroki Hair, Analise Silks, EarthStones Footlets & Earrings.

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