Monday, September 8, 2008

StyleCard: Cashmere

I am so happy to see a new release from Cashmere and Gianni Broda's first shoes too! It is a completely effortless thing to put together a great look when shopping at Cashmere, so many interesting Tops and Bottoms, fun hand drawn clothing with color and vibrancy... not to mention great accessories and now shoes.

The shoes are simple high shine pumps with wood soles, but rather well done and a great match for the colors in the clothing line. I love the new series of clutch purses from Cashmere too, can never seem to have enough purses, RL or SL. The look was pulled together with a great belt from Maiiki and some racing-style gloves from Cachet. Hair is from Armidi, and earrings from always favorite Kraftika.

Check out all the goods at Cashmere.

The Stuff; PXL Skin, Armidi Hair, Cashmere Top & Pants, Cashmere Clutch & Shoes, Maiiki Belt, Cachet Gloves, Kraftika Earrings.

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Dexter James said...

Ya1 i too love to shop at these places, especially alongwith my family. I could hardly recall any visit to those places when I returned without getting something stunning.