Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Tease, The Tesla.

Only been forever since I got an exclusive from a favorite shoe designer to share with the 'On Your Toes' readers. Tesla came through for me in a big way by hand delivering me a preview copy of the the new Hylda Boots. As with most teasers, I will let the pictures do the talking, but I could not go without saying that I love these ankle boots. They can go high style or completely casual, the metal details are really great, and I am sure Tesla plans on delivering a few more color options in these, so there will be even more to get excited about by the middle of this week... the expected release date. Another bit of amazing trivia on these is that these are the first pair of shoes from Tesla that are based on a pair she actually owns, but the textures are all hand done, without photosourcing, and the light is baked in using a 3-D application.

Watch the blog for updates on the release, or shop at Tesla today.

Wearing; Redgrave Skin, MMS Hair, ICoN Accessories, Cachet Pants & Tesla Hylda Boots.

1 comment:

Tesla Miles said...

Hi Anessa,

thanks for the lovely preview and those photos are awesome!

the shoes may be slightly delayed for mid-week release as I am busy with rl commitments, so hopefully end of this week or beginning of next week...

there will be different colours available, so stay tuned :)