Wednesday, September 3, 2008

StyleCard: Solé & Party Girl Mash-Up

When invited to a fun midday Birthday Party for friend and colleague Giela Delpaso, I wanted to wear something fun and cute - and hopefully unlike anyone else at the fete. My easy solution is to mix and match from my inventory in a combination of favorite things that compliment one another. With these sexy new Stella slides from Asri Falcone's Solé line it was easy to put together a look and bring out the warm golden tones of the shoes, here in Maple.

The Stella are only Asri's 3rd sculpty shoe release, and her unique styles and shapes are pretty memorable. There is something undeniably yummy about the way the front of the shoe curves up to meet the toes and the ripples of fabric bunched across the front of the foot. I am also a big fan of the way these are textured to highlight those features and the array of great colors and color mixes available.

For my outfit I grabbed the bottom half of a favorite Alchemy dress, the fun dotted fringe at the bottom looks like party confetti to me and layers of tulle are always fun. The top an Armidi Gisaci square cut blouse, with metallic gold to add some more shine. Finally a few bracelets from UnTone and my much loved butterfly lucky chair hair from ::69::. (note: I made all but the white butterfly transparent, and then hand tinted it a golden shade to match my outfit)

Above Photo courtesy of the amazingly talented Elease Graves of Cherish Studios. The party was great fun, and the look all started with my new shoes - Check out all the colors and get some for yourself at Solé.

Happy Birthday Giela!

The Stuff; Lizette Skin by Dawn Shop, ::69:: Hair, Top by Armidi Gisaci, Skirt by Alchemy, Bracelets by UnTone.


Giela Delpaso said...

Yeah you looked amazing, as always. Im glad you posted a style card so I dont have to ask :P

Thanks again for coming. Love ya hun!!!! :*****

Anessa Stine said...

Love ya Gi :) Thank for having me, and thanks for stopping by the blog. xx