Sunday, September 28, 2008

StyleCard: DETOUR & The City

A couple great releases from DETOUR, but rather than hit you with a one-two punch I thought it might be best to present them separately because they are vastly different shoes. First up, because I am a girl who loves her heels... the Diamond T-Strap Pumps. And I promise that these are real diamonds, I had them checked! Seriously though, I just love a nice T-Strap shoe and there are not that many out there. As always DETOUR offers us a colour selection and a touch scripted 'all color' pair that gives a bonus color. A great deal if you are a fan of the shoe.

To sparkle alongside the diamonds I scooped up Mimikri's latest release Star/Sequin Top & Dress in gold and then went with a great hanging strap clutch from Baiastice, a favorite Birthday gift from my friend Fann, that features a tiny black shoe on the closure - a shoe love must have! Hair is Jolie Femme, I just love the soft texture, reminds me of SJ Parker in Sex & the City. A bit of glamour, anyone want a cosmopolitan?

Visit DETOUR and take a look.

The Stuff; Redgrave Skin, Jolie Femme Hair, Mimikri Dress, Baiastice Purse & DETOUR Shoes.

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