Friday, January 22, 2010

The Beautiful Ingenue, Part Two

Ingenue has made shoes!  There are just not enough vintage stores on the grid, and ones that make vintage shoes?  Forget about it.  Luckily for us, the designers who do make vintage wear are really, really good at it.

Betty Doyle recently released two pairs of pumps, and now flats!  Unfortunately, I finished this photo before I found out about the flats, but I'm sure I'll be buying the fatpack and wearing out the virtual leather before long. 

Both sets of pumps come in a bajillionty colours, and there are endless package deals you can buy.  For example, you can buy the extra-fat pack (or as Autumn calls it, the Fat But Still Pretty Pack), packages of a colour theme, like pastels or brights, or even three-packs.  I love choices, and Ingenue does not disappoint.

These shoes are really well done.  The textures are fantastic, and the prim work is really good.  And they're super cute to wear!  They include a resizeable script as well, which is good because I actually did have to resize them a little bit.

Anyhow, go get them.  They don't disappoint.  Teleport to Ingenue.

Additional items worn:

Ingenue - Edie sweater
Ingenue - Memo skirt
LeLutka - Purse - Cameron Hair
Dutch Touch - Gwen skin
Paper Couture - Chandy earrings

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