Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Week of Top-Fives: Day Three, Long Boots

My ode to the long boot could last for days. I love them, revere them and have a real problem with restraining myself from buying them whenever I see them, even if I already have a pair that's pretty similar. They're all just so awesome!

I had a hell of a time picking boots out for this post. I wanted to show a lot more, but I limited myself to stiletto-heeled long boots only.

J's is a master when it comes to working the prims, and the texturing is always amazingly well-done. He told me not so long ago that he doesn't like to advertise himself, he only likes to make shoes. So besides his own update group, his only real form of advertisement is his amazing workmanship and killer options, like colour-change menus on the fatpacks, so you only have to have one pair in your inventory, not 12.

When the new incarnation of the Bax Prestige boots came out, I was in heaven, and they were my introductory post on this very blog. The best thing about these boots, besides the gorgeous texturing and amazing sculpty work, is the awesome features. When you buy them, they come boxed. You can unbox them in the store, and then either fit them yourself (because they are designed to fit very tightly to your leg) or have one of the very friendly store staff help you with the cool remote script system. Once you have one pair fitted perfectly to your shape, you can unbox any others you may have purchased and the store will automatically recognize you and ask if you'd like to use the last settings! Once you say yes, your boots will automatically fit to you like a glove. That, and the tonal colour change menu makes every Linden spent well worth it.

SLink's Sydney boots are beautiful works of architectural wonderment. I tried to imagine how I could ever wear these in real life, and I decided I can't. I'd love to, but I'd fall flat on my face. Luckily, my avatar doesn't have the same problem and she can happily prance around in these all day, and dance around all night.

YourSkin & YourShape is a store that's fairly new to me, never having heard of them before hosting them at the shoe fair this year. I can't imagine how I ever lived without them though, because their stock is absolutely amazing. The Big Sur boots come in lots of colours, and they'll go with anything from your favourite pair of jeans (hello Decoy, my ass loves you!) to a cute little dress.

Tesla is a big name in footwear, and there's little reason to wonder why. The Angelina boots were one of those purchases that I absolutely had to make, even though I have other boots that are similar (except for the fun laces detail at the back). Of course they're resizable and you can find a colour and look to suit whatever you're wearing.

Stick with me for heels tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Yep, you hit all my favorites this year - the Bax have become my GoTo boots. The only ones I would add are the Lizard Boots from Casa del Shai!

Phoenix Chapman said...

Well there are so many favourites! I justified skipping some by the fact that I blogged those Lizard boots here not too long ago :)