Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Week of Top-Fives: Day Four, Heels

Heeeeeeeels! I love them (in SL :P) and there are so many freakin' amazing ones here, it was a sonofabitch choosing just five pairs!

Maitreya came out with their gold label this summer, I think. I wasn't around so I may be a bit off, but I'm pretty sure that's when they debuted. Anyhow, these Shanti heels are just amazing. They were one of my first purchases when I came back, and of course I had to buy the fatpack. It was a must. One of my favourite features of buying from the gold label is the fact that included is a notecard of common skin creators, and the numbers you need to have to match your foot tone to your skin. For the tonally challenged people like me, this is fantastic.

Nardcotix released these Ashoka plaid heels not too long ago, and they go very well with Phoenix Rising's Motive outfit, as the plaid matches the plaid in the corset. The ruffle is fantastic!

Very recently, LeLutka held an amazing fashion show, probably the best one I've ever seen in SL. One of the featured items was these amazing Saffron heels, though they weren't yet available in all of the gorgeous colours and combinations that they are now. I think this navy and tan combo is my favourite one, but there is so much to choose from it's hard to decide for sure.

Shiny Things hasn't released anything for awhile now (sadface, where are you Fallingwater?!), and these Belles were released at *last year's* Shoe Fair. I still love them to itty bitty pieces though, so they definitely get a ranking on my personal top five.

Every girl needs a classic pair of stilettos in their inventory, and these Maitreya Slinky Stilettos fit the bill perfectly for me. They're of course available in like a billionty colours, and they're just elegant and understated, but so well executed, it's a crime to not have them in your inventory.

Hope you liked today's post. Stay tuned for that other staple, flats, tomorrow!

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