Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Week of Top-Fives: Day Five, Flats

Flats are the perfect balance in dressing up that casual look, or dressing down an outfit that may be a bit too glam for what you need. It should be noted that I deliberately didn't choose plain flats: so's Basic Flats, Armidi's Sasche flats and Shiny Things Saturday flats were all left off the list, but I do love them all and wear them a lot.

Cherry is a new-to-me store by Pink Outfitters, and I adore these little flats with the bow. Now, I have no idea who Alice Cullen is, but these flats were named after her. I googled and saw "Twilight" so I clicked off. Twilight makes my head hurt just to think about it.

ETD is basically dead, which makes me sadcakes. But these Buckle flats, which come in tons of colours, are perfect casual flats and I still wear them all the time.

Shiny Things, another store where the owner seems sadly MIA, made these awesome ballet flats a couple of years ago when sculpties first came out to replace a previous pre-sculpty pair. There's still not a pair of simple ballet flats anywhere else that I like better.

Pixel Mode's Freya flats are another pair of buckled flats, and they're really gorgeous. The textures are fantastic, and the buckle is so well done. I got these at the shoe fair, when I bought a pair of pumpkin-coloured flats. It turns out the brown was a freebie included with every colour you bought there!

My favourite pair of all time is these Periquita Funny Girl flats. The new and improved version is colour-changeble in way more colours than the original fatpack came in (yay!) and they're just perfect with jeans or even a nice business suit.

Stay tuned for Boots tomorrow (hopefully)!

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