Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shoe Shopping: Then & Now

Just a quick post in response to Sophia Harlow's challenge to take a look at our avatars when we were younglings and compare that to how we look now. Naturally I was always a stylish chick from day one! My RL big sister (by 3 minutes) Ketsy, rescued me from Orientation Island and had me made over within 2 hours.

Some of my first shoes in SL were from Sylphie's Prim Seduction, and lo and behold, here I am in early 2007 shopping in style at Sylphie's wearing a great dress from Ivalde. Gotta love that retro girl look! Fast forward to present day, still hanging out in the shoe stores, this time it's Stiletto Moody. Gotta love how far shoes have come since then... and skins, and hair, etc. Thanks Sophia, this was a fun one!


SophHarlow said...

I call no fair!

You still looked good, pfth. are gorgeous now.

Thanks for playing!

Sasy Scarborough said...

lol Whimsy and I took Ashia to Sylfies a few weeks back, she had -shock horror- never been, back in the day Sylfie WAS the Goddess of shoe creation,one of my first pairs were some she had free at Free Dove, so when I wanted to do more shopping I looked up creator and found shoe heaven.