Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Week of Top-Fives: Day Two, Ankle Boots

I used to not really be a fan of ankle boots. I don't know why exactly, but if I couldn't wear it up to my knees or under trousers, they weren't for me. I don't know what I was thinking though! I love them. I love that ankle boots can be anything from ankle skimming impossibly high-heeled wonders of modern shoe architecture to the most casual laid-back comfy sock extensions (though those will be featured on a different day!)

LeLutka's Shavon boots were released very recently, along with their Ultra fashion collection. A platform boot available in many many colours, these are amazingly gorgeously textured and executed. I hope they come out with similar under-knee boots ;)

Kookie came out with the Athena ankle boots at the start of the shoe fair, and they quickly took the grid by storm, or at least the blogging community. Every detail, from the seam down the front centre of the boot to the small chain holding the dangling K (for Kookie!) is perfection.

The Kalnins Fall ankle boots are really well-detailed with tons of cool features, one being that they are a flat rate price, and colour scripted with around a dozen textures, and the main body, the sole and the straps can all be different. So there are endless possibilities there. The texturing is really good as well, though you'd probably have to be into metallics to love them.

I'd never been to G-Field before the shoe fair this year, and omg I was totally missing out! The Ribbon Boots are so so cute with the contrasting colour behind the ribbon and bow, and the texturing is sublime. These are obviously not meant to be worn under pants, so show them off!

Coco's fast becoming one of my favourite places to shop, with so many different looks and styles that anyone could find their new favourite in. The Zipper Booties are but just one of the many kinds of shoes. These are definitely meant to show off too, and not just hide under pants.

Stay tuned for long boots tomorrow!

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