Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Boots, Boots, & Boots...

I have to credit this post to both Pheonix Chapman and Aradia Dielli, because if it hadn't been for them...I would of never found these boot gems. So without further ado, featured today are 3 pairs of boots from JB Gazov of J's. I was going to just pick one to show off, but I just couldn't choose! I love boots, that is no secret, and these boots are right up my alley! Reasonably priced and very stylish, I was impressed as soon as I tried on the demos! My only advice is that if you find them hard to fit, lowering the leg muscle slider worked wonders for me.

If you read my posts often you know I'm an avatar of few on to the pictures....Visit J's InWorld

Photo 1 & 2: J's Backribbon in black

Photo 3 &4: J's Sidezipper Boots in brown

Photos 5 & 6: J's Loosefit Boots in black

Other Items:

Photo 1: Pants by Muism and Top by TaP. Photo 2: Outfit by Dutch Touch. Photo 3: Top by CAKE and Pants by G.L.A.M. All boots purchased by Graci at J's

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Phoenix Chapman said...

And they look great, Graci babe!