Monday, February 11, 2008

Shoes for Cute Girls Who Drink

Pssst... I think TESLA has been hitting the party circuit again! Yesterday she launched an adorable collection of pumps entitled the Lori Collection, they are named after alcoholic beverages and speckled with a fizzy rush of polka dots. When I received them from creator Tesla Miles this morning I couldn't help but giggle. Tesla always seems to inject that something extra into her delightfully sculpted pumps, this time the extra is the fun factor - and the 'punch' of color.

They are a nice looking shoe with a slightly squarer toe than we have seen from Tesla before, and they have a neat almost triangular moderate height heel.

Colors are named; Black Magic, Blue Heaven, Chocolate Mint Martini, Pink Champagne, Summer Wine Punch, and Tequila Sunrise. If you are looking for a few new drinking buddies, grab the Lori Collection at TESLA. Just remember...wear these responsibly, let a friend TP you home.

Also Wearing; Another Fundraiser/Another Geisha Skin (Iris Seale), Cake Hair, LBD LeeZu Baxter Dress, Boudoir Legs Hosiery, PC Earrings.

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