Saturday, February 16, 2008

On Your Toes...the voting is OPEN

I have our two finalists for the On Your Toes $2000L show shopping spree that was a mouthful! The Poll at the top of our page will be there until next Friday (Feb. 22nd) and closes at noon. So pick your fav pic and give them a click! I'd like to thank all the wonderful people who entered, there were many great pictures! I'd also like to apologize for dragging this out so long. We plan on doing another contest in the next month that won't take nearly as long! ;)

So here are our 2 finalists....

Solaesta Kilian in Kyoto boots by Armidi
Hat: freebie fedora by Tesla
Jacket: decadence by BareRose
Leather Pants: by Cytranized
Belt: Suede Double Belt by Studio Sidhe
Navel Stud: Solaesta Kilian
Hair: Party Girl I in Black Pearl by Naughty Designs
Skin: Retired predecessor of Alina, by Naughty Designs

Zoe Demar in Yellow Rain Boots by ETD
Hair: * 0 Style * Beth *(Biscuit)_M
Hat: TESLA 'Gabrielle' Hat
Umbrella: Poppins' Umbrella
Dress: (NO) Black Party Dress
Skin: KM- Sandflower Skin MediumS
Stockings: Canimal Ripped stockings - tan


Phoenix Chapman said...

Both are really good, but with the first one, the boots are the first thing I notice.

Good job to both of you.

Amy said...

Love Zoe's ripped stockings.