Friday, February 22, 2008

Funky Fresh

DeLa creator Kuranosuke Kamachi dropped these great new opened toed clogs on me the other day and at the time I was in a high fashion stiletto mood so they sat unattended in my inventory until this morning. Today I wanted to wear something comfy and casual, and with some well worn color - so out they came, and they feel just great.

I really like the funky 70's appeal of the Polina Sandal, they have the look of worked in suede with stitching and a neat buckle on a shapely platform base... platform everything is popping up all over second life, looks like they are the hot trend for spring shoes at the moment. There are 2 variations of the shoes, with contrasting red flowers on the sole or with flowers that match the upper part - a nice option, in 6 colors. I paired them with the ever fabulous Toeless Slouch Socks from Maitreya, both the toeless and the closed toed versions of these are on my list of great socks and hosiery!

Get the Polina Sandal at DeLa.

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, ETD Hair/Hat, Armidi Sweater, Denim Mini by League, Earrings by /artilleri/.

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