Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Made by Hand, with Love.

If you knock on the door at the House of Nyla surely it will open to reveal a busy little workshop filled with amazing textiles, feathers, sequins and beads. Real life fashion designer Nyla Cheeky is one of the few that I could really say creates items akin to couture in SL. Most of what you find in her shop at Starax are recreations of garments she has made by hand - for red carpets, runways, and fashion lovers that share her love of color and attention to detail.

I am always impressed when a designer makes something unique and something that works so well with their clothing. Nyla has had in store for a while a small collection of footwear designed to match her fun frisky fashions. With her SL Birthday falling on Valentine’s Day, Nyla has released some adorable new lingerie sets (see I told you, I can’t keep my clothes on this week), called Candy Heart Fairies and Love Fairies. I saw her post on the new releases and I was reminded about her adorable shoes.

Now anyone who has been reading On Your Toes is well aware of my love of sculpted stilettos, but there is something to be said for cute shoes of any kind. And these Beaded Platforms have a wonderfully hand crafted quality to them, as if I can see Nyla working away with a bowl of crystal beads in front of her, assembling the hearts on the toe one at a time. They remind me of the homemade Valentine cards that somehow stick around on the fridge longer than the store bought variety, and I mean that in the best possible way. They do have a hint of bling, and some optional heel clicks… but they are costume pieces, so I think they are worthy of the extra sparkle. Pairs shown are; Cinnamon Heart Beaded Platforms, Blackened Heart Beaded Platforms & Sour Heart Beaded Platforms.

If you are looking to get your ‘cupid on’ with a little character this Valentines Day, take your feet to House of Nyla.

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, Maitreya Hair (Lime is hand tinted), House of Nyla Lingerie. (review copies requested.)

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