Monday, February 11, 2008

Mighty Aphrodite...

This weekend was full of fashion events and show, enough to make a fashionista dizzy with delight. On Sunday I attended the New Shoots II show presented by Metro Modeling Agency and Second Style. Featured were the designs of GHOST!'s Triangle Caudron and Aphrodite Outlander of Aphrodite Creations.

This is the part of the story where I have to admit what a flake I can be at times. I know that I've seen the Aphrodite shoes previously, because they looked so familiar to me, but as I was looking on which pairs I wanted to buy, I did a quick inventory check. I always do this when buying things anymore; because honestly there is so much stuff in there I'm afraid I'll buy a duplicate item. Well wouldn't you know, in my *GRACI REVIEW THIS* folder there were shoes from Aphrodite!!! What a heal I am! No pun intended. Yes, it's true a couple weeks ago Aphrodite dropped some styles on me and I dropped the shoe on this one.

So without further ado, I'd like to show off 3 of Aphrodite's classy creations. Very reasonably priced and a delight to look down at, which is always a bonus! Visit Aphrodite Creations In World.

Aphrodite Creations Serenity Shoes in Red

Aphrodite Creations Rosette in Tealmix

Aphrodite Creations Vintish Shoes - free gift from New Shoots Show

Other: Hair by Topaw Jewell (JADE), Dresses by Triangle Caudron (GHOST!) Short Skirt bySaeya Nyanda (Kyoot Army), Skin by Tuli Asturias (::Tuli::). Red Serinity shoes received as a review item, Rosette purchased by Graci, and Vintish received as a free gift from New Shoots II.

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