Monday, February 4, 2008

The Look of Bianca F

Bianca Foulon takes fashion seriously, in her day to day life in Milan's Fashion Industry she is surrounded by textures and colors that no doubt inspire her to create cutting edge fashions in SL for her label Bianca F. When I saw the new oxxo Fiori Floral Boots she had just completed, I contacted the designer to see if I could get my hands on some to share with the readers of On Your Toes. Her generosity astounded me, she not only happily sent me the boots (in a few variations) but in addition invited me down to the shop for a mini tour and a look at her other offerings. She was proud to share with me her new line of exotic make-up skins and accompanying glamorous feathered lashes, and even a few pieces from her garment collections (the Grey Tweed Suit is a special favorite). Everything in these photos was created by Bianca, with the exception of the Armidi Hair (and a few accessories).
What drew my attention to the boots initially was the exciting textiles and color that Bianca uses, they are created specifically for her footwear and are completely unique. The Boots have a simple pleasing look to them, some with stacked wood heels others in granite like stone and some textured to coordinate with the boot upper, as with the Daikiri Zebra Boots. These are not fashions for the timid, but they are definitely appealing and are a great example of an SL content creator that really pushes their personal limits, trying a little bit of everything. The end results are definitely worth checking out at her main store in Addictive.

Styles shown; OXXO Boots Fiori, Daikiri Zebra & Daikiri Velvet Stripes. Also wearing; BiancaF Make-Ups in Sable BRICK & Ivory Dark in VENICE, Nere Base Lashes & Fucsia Feather Lashes, Fucsia Babydoll Dress & Grey Tweed Suit 2. Hair by Armidi, gloves by TaP, earrings by UnTone, Bracelet by CASHMERE.

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