Friday, February 8, 2008

Catalyst Boots at Abyss

I have a secret, I look at your feet. Everywhere I go I inspect the feet of others. It's only natural, I mean... you never can tell where you will see great shoes, and with so many releases every week I am bound to miss something. So happily today I inspected the feet of some poor unknowing shopper and saw these. Now I must say I do have one pair of over the knee boots in my inventory, I like them, and I wear them for costume purposes mainly. But I saw these, and had to admit to myself that I liked the sleekness of them. So I introduce you to my find of the day, the new Catalyst Boots from Abyss.

They are smooth, so smooth - like buttah! And though I am usually a sucker for detail, the simplicity and great shape of this boot was the clincher for me. They are completely monochromatic, and deliciously rubbery looking - with a nice sheen to them. I was amazed at the fit - I did not have to touch my shape for these - and I barely had to adjust the upper boot piece (for height only) to get a fantastic seamless appearance. Colors are; Black, Hot Pink, Red, Cyber Blue, Silver, Pale Pink, Ice (Pale Blue), Poison (Purple). My RL sister, and SL Fashion Addict, Jhuzen Ketsugo came along for the ride - and agreed to pose with me. Thanks Sis!

The Catalyst Boots are available at Abyss.

Also wearing;
On Me (Silver Boots) - Minnu Skin, CAKE Hair, Cami Cooper Tank & Refuge Leather Pants (Shortened).
On Kets (Black Boots) - Celestial Skin, Abyss Hair and Jacket, Fashionably Dead Leggings.
On Kets (Red Boots) - Celestial Skin & Hair, Abyss Clothing & WRONG Suspenders.


Jhuzen Ketsugo said...
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Jhuzen Ketsugo said...

Now Those Are Some Sexy BOOTS on some Sexy Girls! ;P